I’m writing this on August 1st, 2017, and if all goes according to plan, I will have completed 10 personal goals 1000 days from today. The dates are arbitrary, but it’s roughly around my 40th birthday.  With that milestone looming, I spent the last few months evaluating my values and figuring out what’s important to me. Ultimately, it all boils down to this: I want to live a life that is true to what I value (family, personal growth, experiences, integrity, solidarity) and totally free (financial independence, no bosses, free from addictions & destructive impulses, creative freedom, minimalism, pure foods).

Now there’s just the small matter of turning my life around so that it becomes aligned with these insights. Change never comes easy. I’ve had many starts and even more failures over the years. I either race on ahead expecting too much too fast or I set unrealistic – or worse – vague goals. So I’m narrowing my window to 1000 days into the future, and setting 5 smaller, but clearly defined goals. They are:

Goal 1 | Loose Eight
We would like to have a second child, but have to rely on ICSI. We have 3 vials left and so far it’s not going great. With a BMI of 27.1, I am overweight, which might be a contributor. Despite my reservations about continuing with all the hormone shots, I aim to get fit and healthy and proceed with the last 3 chances we have to give our son a sibling. So… I want to shed 8 kilos in a healthy and sustainable way. I aim to do this by building exercise into my daily routine. I have hired a personal trainer to coach me once a week on top of that. And I will adjust my diet to pure foods (unprocessed, sugar and additive free) with only small quantities of bread, pasta and dairy. I give myself 3 weeks to create an exercise routine and schedule and figure out a mealplan. As of August 21st, these need to kick into full gear. The aim is to loose the 8 kilos by November 18th.

Goal 2 | Save Fifty Thousand
The ultimate goal is to reach financial indepence and retire early. But, with plans for a second baby and possibly some career changes on the horizon, I want to set a realistic goal. I want to personally raise the Nett Worth of our family by 50,000 euros over the next 1000 days. My partner will of course add to the family’s nett worth over this period, but as this is my goal list, I want to seperate my efforts out from the overall family effort. I aim to contribute 50,000 euros by saving aggresively, investing wisely and creating more opportunities from income. These contributions will include mortgage repayments, payments into retirement accounts, investments in mutual funds and cash savings. For more on how I’ll do this, see here.

Goal 3 | Read Forty-Two
As a compulsive book collector, I have bookshelves full of reproach. Hundres of items that sit unread, gathering dust. I will select a number of books that I have always wanted to read, for personal growth or entertainment, to focus on for the next 1000 days. And, because the answer to life, the universe and everything, is of course 42, I will focus on… 42 titles. You can find all of them listed here. I will achieve this by forfaiting screen time in favor of some quiet reading, and allocating an hour minimum each day to this activity.

Goal 4 | Publish One
I am angling for a career change. Writing and publishing a book on the topics in which I want to profile myself, could be one step in the right direction. It will require me to research those topics extensively and figure out the needs of my target audience and how best to meet them. It will also scratch an itch I’ve had for years. To avoid it staying a pipe dream, as of November 18th, I will set aside at least 1 full working day a week to research and write. I have to aim for roughly 800 words in each allocated working day, if I want to make my goal.

Goal 5 | Twenty Experiences
“Experiences not things”. That’s the main mantra for the next 1000 days. So I want to organise and participate in 20 enriching experiences for the whole family. This could be anything from travelling somewhere, to camping under the shooting stars, to spending a few days volunteering together over christmas… To boost my health and experience more of life, I want half of these experiences to be sportive events. This may include running, riding, walking or anything else my body and mind are capable of. Ideally in a fun setting, and not too expensive a location. To view the list of experiences I’ve chosen, see here.

You can follow the progress over the next 1000 days here.