Personal Trainer

Loosing 8 kilos and shaping up is nothing I can do on my own. Believe me, I’ve tried. While I can take responsibility for a new diet, I need someone to push me and design exercises that fit my many excuses and ailments. Found someone I think is up to the task. At 55 euro a session, it’s not easy and will somewhat stall Goal 2 (Increasing Nett Worth by 50,000). But it’s all about picking your battles and priorities, and the health thing is most urgent. The personal training package comes with an app called VirtuaGym. It allows you to set up daily exercise plans. It’s pretty cool, you pick the area of your body you want to work on and get served a nice list of suitable exercises. You can even toggle whether you have equipment available to you or not, to tailor the selection. Once you’ve selected all exercises you want to do, it starts automatically, with countdowns, animations of each exercise and wind-down times. Absolutely amazing. I can still listen to podcasts whilst it’s running, so added bonus.

So, for the next 15 weeks, the schedule I’ve set up for myself is as follows:

Mondays – Core Strength (90 mins) + Start to Run (30 mins)
Tuesdays – Biking (20 kms)
Wednesdays – Start to Run (30 mins)
Thursdays – Personal Training (60 mins) + Biking (20 kms)
Fridays – Core Strength (90 mins) + Start to Run (30 mins)
Saturdays – Core Strength (45 mins) + Walk (30 mins)
Sundays – Core Strength (45 mins) + Walk (30 mins)

I will be prioritizing exercise over work until November 18th. Will be tracking everything through VirtuaGym and my Fitbit.