Save 50,000

Ok, so technically, I want to increase our Nett Worth by 50,000 euros. That is just my contribution to the finances, not my partner's. Our Nett Worth should go up by a lot more all combined. But me personally, I want to cause a 50,000 euro increase in Nett Worth over the next 1000 days. I plan to do this by:

  1. Repaying the mortgage on my rental property and bringing it down from -74,312.12 to -63,271.48 (+11,040.64). I'm not banking on valuation rise of the property.
  2. Maxing out my retirement savings, by adding +8679.97 over the 1000 days. Hopefully, my retirement funds will have grown over that time at a rate of 2-3% adding another +1000
  3. Generating more income and aggresive saving, to get +29279.39. At my current level of saving, I will have added roughly 9000 euros. So I need to find a way to save or earn 20000 euros extra. Earn 6500 incl VAT every month at my regular freelance job for 21 months (that will lead to a savings of 10000 euros) and find some other work on the side.