Day 4 – My Ideal Home

The saying goes that every Belgian is born with a brick in their stomach. We Belgians do like to build houses. I’m the exception that proves the rule, of course. I’ve an aversion to project managing. So, project managing the build of my own house, with all the financial insecurities and endless decision-making that entails, would probably finish me off for good. That doesn’t mean I don’t daydream though.

My ideal house is not too fancy.

It can be moderate in size, but needs to feel light, and zen. I’d love a wood-brick combination house, a little bit akin to urban-scandinavian-new-england style. One with a porch, around part of the house, and old-style candle-based lanterns, to lighten my evenings in the reading chair or swing chair on the deck. A garden with enough space for a vegetable patch, loungers, a nice old tree with a small tree-house for the kids. The kind of tree that provides refuge from very sunny days, suitable for a pic nic, or to lean against when reading a good book. The garden doesn’t have to be too big, just enough room to move about, and easy to maintain. But there must be a view. I’d like some neighbouring houses nearby, but there must be plenty of green, trees, pastures, ideally with a far away mountain or hill…

Inside, it’s all wood and exposed old brick. Colors are whites, and some blue-green-greyish hues. A dash of orange or yellow here and there. Books, a lot of them. Lots of incoming light, and subtle lighting fixtures (no overhead lighting). The only room in the house that has to have more space, is the kitchen. It should be the focal point of the house, with lots of light, a freestanding worktable, a large fridge and freezer, space for herbs to grow near a warm window. A long wooden table to eat at with a family of 6. The living room has to have a fireplace for wooden logs. Would love  Eames chairs, scandinavian style furniture, a rug here and there. Wooden floors mixed with old patterned tiles…  *dream*



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